In recent years, the business fabric of our country has made a collective effort to advance in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), assuming a voluntary commitment to carry out actions that contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the society.

Crickade Group is no stranger to this movement and has sought projects from which it can bring a social benefit to its environment.

As a company dedicated to raw materials for animal feed, we care about the health and well-being of the main recipients of our products: dogs and cats.

Ours is a society in which the company of our pets is more necessary every day and in which their owners care about feeding and caring for them the way they deserve.

That is why we want to contribute to the work carried out by the Animal Wellfare Association caring for those who have been abandoned until they can find a new family to welcome them.

Fundació Mona

In our concern for animals we also include wildlife. At the Fundació Mona, chimpanzees and macaques that have been circus and television artists, advertising models or even pets, are recovered from mistreatment.

An invisible mistreatment until recently in our society. Many have lived long years in absolute solitude and terrible conditions, but our rehabilitation center provides an excellent home for these rescued primates, where they recover living as a family with their peers, in a natural environment.

MONA offers them that second chance that they deserve so much to have a more dignified life free of suffering.

Soñar Despierto

The Crickade Group wishes to assume a real and continuous commitment that places the person at the center of its actions and contributes to improving their environment and society as a whole.

In this line, we choose to collaborate in projects that are focused on training and education through the Soñar Despiertos Foundation.

Soñar Despierto is a foundation with presence in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville, which for more than a decade has been collaborating with shelters where minor children live.

The main objective of Soñar Despiertos lies in ensuring that all of them have the same opportunities as the other children of their age, regardless of the circumstances they have had to live through.

Proyecto Tanzania “Village of Light”
Proyecto Kenia “Tabaka Mission Hospital”

Through Glokinet we focus our efforts on developing projects that contribute to solving the needs of food production markets, especially in developing areas. We believe that, in this global world, we have the power to transform and build projects that last, with our ability to apply the experience and knowledge acquired.

This philosophy has led us to collaborate with the Vis Foundation, which seeks to help as many children and adolescents as possible, anywhere in the world, so that they have access to housing and health, as well as good comprehensive training that includes schooling and quality instruction. With our contribution we are supporting two projects this year 2021:

Tanzania Project “Village of Light”
The donation will go towards the construction of the roofs of a school that is being built for 600 poor children in Dar Es Salaam, an area without schools.

Kenia Project”Tabaka Mission Hospital”
Granting of two scholarships for poor students of the nursing school who, once graduated, will dedicate themselves to caring for the most needy children, especially those with AIDS.